Credibility scores are critical. For platform usage and accountability; for publisher accountability; as training data for machine learning; etc.

Without credibility scores, how can we even measure progress on misinformation goals? The crucial property for these scores is that they are meaningful and defensible — that they can be trusted.

In an ideal world, credibility scores would be citizen lead — but we live in a world of trolls and manipulators with vast resources. So I vote strongly for credibility scores (it is the focus of my work), but without the citizen lead component at least initially. In the long run, I think we can build complex checks into rating systems to avoid manipulation and have true citizen-led scoring—but we can’t wait for “the long run” to get meaningful credibility scores.

(I’ve written more on this here:

Founder of the Thoughtful Technology Project & GMF non-res fellow. Prev Tow fellow & Chief Technologist @ Center for Social Media Responsibility.

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