Search engines are nice. But we can do far better with modern AI.

Understanding decision-making systems and what that means for governance, corporations, and technology creators.

AI-augmented knowledge summarization, refactoring, & integration are about to transform the world. Again.

1. Knowledge operations matter.

Metrics are key to how product teams at tech companies function

Photo: Chesnot/Getty Images

Improvement in image synthesis, from, via Ian Goodfellow

How, when, and why synthetic media can be used for harm

Rumors on WhatsApp have led to mob violence. Here’s how to prevent them — without sacrificing privacy.

How can we fortify our “Knowledge Pipeline” in the face of synthetic media?

Considerations and potential release practices for machine learning

Totally flirting for your password…

And how should that change the way we approach security and disclosure?

Aviv Ovadya

Founder of the Thoughtful Technology Project & GMF non-res fellow. Prev Tow fellow & Chief Technologist @ Center for Social Media Responsibility.

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